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Slow tide

Since I have this crush on Bali, I have been trying to spend more time in Bali. One attempt is to lease a piece of land and build something on it. Either a glamping site or a small villa or house. I researched the possibilities, found a piece of nice land owned by a friend’s family, made a design for a villa, found a builder, talked to an agency for the business structure and after some thinking time, I came to the conclusion that this is all a way too difficult way to go.

The process takes so much time and involves so much paper work, money and waiting time. 4 months to set up a safe PT with a nominee structure. After that I can sign the papers and licences. After that I can start building, which will take another 4 months. The orientation and search already took 6 months, before there is a building, it will take another 8-9 months at least. This is all against my principles of doing things quickly and in a lightweight way in small steps. I decided to step out and go for a lighter plan: renting a house. And I wanted to do that in the 4 days I had left in Bali.

After a few visits to agents, some questions on ads of villas, I visited a few villas within 3 days. Some had been abandoned for months. On the 4th day, I found the perfect place in Pecatu and with the help of the agents, I was able to close the deal immediately with the owner on the phone. To me, it is a typical case of trusting the universe: if some direction takes too much effort, or is too difficult, this is not the way to go. In such a case, I change to an easier direction. Now, 2 weeks later, the transaction is done and I will be moving into my Bali villa within a few days. The total process took a few weeks and everything is fully operational. Although the villa already has a name, I was thinking of giving it my own name: Slow tide villa. It has 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a pool and a magnificent view from the roof. A perfect place to take it slow, to relax and enjoy Bali life, with all major beaches in Bukit within 10 minutes.

So the glamping site turned into a villa. Not bad. ;-) Plans change. It is ok. :-) So looking forward to this and looking forward to welcome you in Slow tide villa, very soon.


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