20+ videos of me coaching you

A proper introduction in doing new things with better results. Either for innovation projects or life achievements, for a team of 1 or a team of 30. I coach you through the steps in more than 20 videos. The method is super easy, you should just try it.  Available for iPhone and iPad. Android and Pixel coming soon.

So, you can do it yourself

The idea of using the app is, that you can do Super adaptive yourself. Of course, it doesn't replace a real coach, it is a very good course to give you a proper start. The app is cheaper than a book, the video content is just as real as it can get and you will get all upgrades for free.

Buy the app and come to Bali

Get an invitation to do Super adaptive in Bali

Every year, out of all users of the app, I select 2 and fly them to Bali for some Super adaptive training. It could be you. Just buy the app, send me a message that you bought it and wait until you hear from me. Sorry if you are already in Bali, but you cans till win. ;)