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New website here

Every surfer an ocean cleaner

Imagine every surfer would be a cleaner of the ocean. Simply by wearing a comfortable bag while surfing and collecting floating plastic to bring to shore, whenever you happen to encounter it. I have developed a trash bag for surfers, together with a Bali bag maker. We are continuously improving our working prototypes of TRSHBG.


Hopefully, we will scale up soon. You can help us by either buying a bag or in some other creative way only you can think of.

Hope to hear from you soon!


For comfortable surfing

The bag has all sorts of features to be worn comfortably. It is no pain at all while you can still catch your waves as usual. 

A sock funnel makes it easy to put trash in the bag and makes it impossible to get washed out by the waves.

Once on shore, a zipper makes it easy to empty the bag. 

The bag is designed symmetrically for both regulars and goofs! 

We aim for the bag to become as default as a leash when you go surfing.

Locally made with love

My bag making friend Fauzi, makes the bags based on my designs. We do it together. I make sure he gets a good price for his amazing skills.


The bags come in different colors and we are exploring to re-use old materials. Read here, how we develop it.

Testing 1, 2

We let others test the bag too. Here is my friend Melania, testing the bag in Balangan beach.

Although designed for surf, the bag is not limited to that. Take it for snorkeling or for a walk on the beach.

Join in!

We will scale up soon with the production of the bags. For now, we need promotional help, endorsers, ambassadors, sponsors and people who like to buy a bag. At the moment, TRSHBG is aimed at 30 euro per piece.

Please contact us if you are interested. As surfers, let's clean and keep clean what we love most: those beautiful waves.

Can't wait for perfection

We have a few prototypes that we use and test. Of course, improvements will be made. But we can't wait for perfection. We should act now. We can. The bag already works, we are cleaning. :-)