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Bio (English)

Trieu, (pronounced as “tree you”) is a designer and a music producer. "Trieu etc" is the name of the band with Fanny Eigenhuis & Eline van Beek on backing vocals and keys, Daan Koelemeijer on bass, Susana Gruson on violin and Tristan Heliczer on drums. Trieu is the frontman and the songwriter of this bunch of friends. 

The passion and admiration for minimal Detroit techno is fairly obvious in the tracks he writes. They are repetitive in character with a clear beat, lively melodies, a touch of variety and then back to the basic melody line again. This makes the songs feeling comforting and sounding familiar without being predictable.


Trieu etc makes fun of life and thinks life is full of ridiculousness that needs to be laughed at. The lyrics are always a starting point with a touch of drama, a splash of humor, a hint of love and some sex.

The band

The members of the band are frequenters of a local beer bar in Amsterdam. That's where they met and started partying together. One by one, they discovered each others musical talents and joined Trieu who was already writing and performing his songs. The band slowly grew until the current size and changed its name to Trieu etc in June 2013.



Shows and afters

Trieu etc gives dynamic shows sometimes with a surprise like a dans act joining the band. Once in a while, they serve a so-called "Etc" which is a guest musician or a dance act or whatsover. Most of the time, the Etc stays in the band, making the band slowly growing larger and larger. Since 2013 Trieu etc have been performing regularly but focusing on quality locations rather than a large number of shows. This is how they stay one of the best kept secrets in Amsterdam. Notorious are the after parties of the shows. This is where the band and their fans get together and continue the party at a private location.

​EP Trieu etc

In 2014 Trieu etc released an EP called "One Foot in". It has 5 tracks with 2 Bonustracks. The EP is available through i-tunes, Spotify or 


Trieu etc Album Off the record

Trieu etc has released their debut album Off the record, in may 2015. In 2016 the band is working on new track releases of Even, Exaggerator and Dichtin'. 


Trieu was born in Saigon, Vietnam. He moved to The Netherlands at 3 years age where he grew up. During his studies he spent a year in Tokio doing design work, where he fell in love with this incredibly vibrant city and the richness of Japanese culture. While using Amsterdam as one his hometowns, Trieu works on his music production skills in London.

Since 2016 Trieu has finished a music production course in London and has traveled between Bali, Amsterdam and Taipei since. Minimizing the hours of work and enjoying eternal summer surfing in Bali and coming back for summer in Amsterdam.

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