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Welcome to the Business section. Here, we introduce Super adaptive.

Super adaptive

An easy common sense way of innovation, turning any team or business into a lean mean innovation machine. 


Change a lot faster, cheaper and more fun than before. 

Immediate shipping, lower expenses, real collaboration, happy people.

" The progress of 3 days in just 1 hour" - Bowen Chiu, CEO Cameo, Taipei

" My main lesson learned: just try something and adjust if necessary. Don't think about it for days, it's a waste of time." Bart van der Vorst, owner Kinki Kappers Salon, Amsterdam

NEW: Super adaptive app for iPhone, iPad. Android soon!

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Based on Agile principles, Super adaptive is an extremely simplified way of working to become future proof. Even most traditional Agile approaches are too bureaucratic, rigid and contain too many elements and procedures.

In essence Super adaptive is trying to achieve a dream/vision in very short cycles, while learning by doing, using common sense.

Cycles are very short, one day preferrably for a routine team, one hour for a new team, with a new topic.

The Super adaptive cycle

Super adaptive is based on 4 steps.

1. Aim for the dream and the first priority attempt

2. Try to build and ship this version

3. Reflect on the results with everybody

4. Repeat the steps above, with renewed insights

Aim, Try, Reflect, Repeat. That's it. It is the same way we have learned to walk, to swim or to play an instrument: cut the crapp, just try frequently and improve with persistence. Common human sense. :)


The future is unpredictable, most projects were defined too far in the past, as the launch of the product is years after the conception of the idea. You end up with a product in a changed world, an obsolete product that costed a lot to develop and that will simply fail.

Super adaptive works with a Dream or Vision that is updated after every cycle. After every cycle there is an updated product being shipped. One cycle is short, very short, preferably less than one day. In the beginning, one cycle is one hour. Shorter cycles keep everything fresh without too much documentation and (pre)discussion. Just try and we will find out. Short cycles also limit risks naturally and make planning easy. Just collaborate and try to ship, and again, and again. Change, in small but very certain steps.

The simplicity of Super adaptive ensures that everybody can do it. Loads of people have stopped to work together and some company procedures are designed as factory lines, not capable to improvise, handle exception or doing new stuff, while all this is crucial for innovation. Super adaptive brings back the pioneering spirit in a company, the structure to try new things effortlessly. 

The whole fundamental idea of Super adaptive is to try something. We can talk about it, read about it, but the best way to judge is to try it. 

This is easy with a brief workshop of a few hours, with a proper introduction and including running through several full cycles, so you can experience the real deal. 

Please feel free to contact me for more information. Looking forward to hear from you.  

About Trieu Professionally

Besides being an artist, musician, music producer and a designer, Trieu brings all his creative experience to being an Innovation coach. Super adaptive is his own invention.

As a coach, Trieu helps clients to do Super adaptive projects. While running the projects, Trieu will be on the floor to coach the teams and stakeholders to get familiar with the way of working, making sure everything is fine. 

Trieu has more than 10 years of experience in running a creative business and has worked for Ahold (food retailer) for more than 7 years.  During all this time, he has refined and will continue to develop new ways of working. With all this experience, every project can be turned into a Super adaptive project.

Trieu has coached global world class companies, anywhere in the world with main locations in Amsterdam, Tokyo, London and Taipei.

Amongst them are global computer companies, retail companies, data companies, software companies, universities, hair salons and rap artists. To name some: Asus Computers, Foxconn, National Taipei University of Technology, Newzoo, Paula's choice skincare, Kinki Hairdressers, Ahold Delhaize, RAW Paints, Simi Music and Cameo Software Development.  


There is 2 roles in a Super adaptive structure. 

The team and the stakeholders. The team does the actual work.  The team and the stakeholders agree on the vision/dream and the next priority in the Aim stage and stakeholders give feedback on the results when Reflecting. A coach, as part of the team, smoothens and negotiates between everybody.

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