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Band & People 

Ro Halfhide//Producer

Ro is the producer for the EP and the Album. Ro brings artistic and tremendous technical experience. Besides being a producer, Ro is the founder of the Amsterdam Songwriters Guild, a performing artist and a drummer.

Kasper Stern//Chief Executive Bass


Either on big bass or on bass guitar, Kasper gives depth and rythm to live performances. Kasper does both popular and classic stuff.

Tristan Heliczer//Chief Executive Drums


Designer and  drummer Tristan owns the beats!

Fanny Eigenhuis//Chief executive of Backing vocals and keys


On vocals and on the device that we are not allowed to call a piano, but a keyboard or a synthesizer. Fanny is very strict on that..

Susana Maria Gruson//Chief Executive Violin


On electric violin, Susana joined as an etc, but decided to stick to the band. 

Liza Greenfield//Chief Executive Promotor

The proud promotor of Trieu etc!

Laura Stavinoha//Vocal coach


Vocal coach, singer songwriter, performing artist and enterpreneur, quite a busy bird ;). Laura helps with focussing on vocals. 


//Laura's Vocal School//

Eveline//Opiniated music expert


Eveline knows music. She helps with real and sincere feedback, that she knows to bring in a crystal clear way. Besides that, she is a fabulous friend. :)

Tim Hillege//Photography


Photos of the band are shot by Tim Hillige. Tim makes awesome portraits and landscape photos!


//Tim's photography//

Annika Elschot//Video creator


Annika shoots the bands video's! Music video's coming up!



Ramona Lauw//Photography


Full credits to Ramona for the EP feature photo, shot at Tacheles Berlin. Ramona in my best key words: photographer, model, weekend travel buddy, pillow fight pal. :)


 //Ramona's photo work//



And all my other friends who support us, attend the shows, party with us and make sure we are totally exhausted, weekend, after weekend, after weekend.. :)

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