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Experiment after experiment

Opinions are just opinions. Maybe they are based on experience, fine. But if they are not yet proven for this context, then it is just fantasy. How to turn it to reality?We need evidence, we need proof. Do an experiment. Actually, all cycles are experiment based. So, if you have differences in opinions, the way out is to ask “What kind of experiment can we do that helps us making the decision?”.

Can this design work? Maybe.. Let’s do an experiment, build a small version and see. Can this combination of melodies work? I don’t know. Let’s just play it in the most simple way and experience it. From there we will see. Is this product desirable to our target audience? I don’t know, let’s do a quick test and verify. Can we make a video in one day? Maybe, let’s try for an hour, then we will see. Is this team capable of shipping something? Let them try for an hour to ship something and solve from there. "I am concerned about the bandwidth for this idea." I don't know, let's try it, maybe it is ok.

Opinions are fantasy, really.. Turn it into reality and then judge and then move on.


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