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Less is best

When moving into Amsterdam, I brought 11 boxes. 6 years later, a whopping 75 boxes. I threw away half of it and stored the rest somewhere. I was afraid to start moving, such a pile of stuff, so many things to sort. Feels like having to move mountains. I reduced it down to one suitcase and a guitar. At the time, I was delighted with it.

So here I am in Bali, having that same feeling. It’s not 75 boxes, no it’s my suitcase and a guitar that are the mountains. Just came back from Gili with the lightest travel pack imaginable, 2 small bags, recording equipment included. Good enough for 3,5 tropical days. In those days, I left my suitcase in Bali. I know there is stuff in my suitcase that I won’t use, don’t need. There is back up stuff, just in case. It is that mountain. I am thinking of leaving quite some of it behind. I feel I don’t need it. The more I am here, the more I feel I need less. Less stuff. Less plans. Less pressure. Less worries. Less, is best.


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