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"Off the record" out now, globally

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

Creating "Off the record" was a global challenge. And of course, it can be done. The project followed my whereabouts recorded in Amsterdam at Studio D, produced by Jonathan Allan from London, video is shot in Amsterdam, Callantsoog and Bali, premastering done in Taipei and final mastering done by Jonathan Allan in London again.

We worked with a video crew of Skyless Productions in The Netherlands and with a local Bali crew in Balangan beach. Part of the crew in Balangan is Kent Juliawan (Komang), Edy Ardana, Sabu Kadiana and Wayan Yudik. Tom and Dylan from Skyless productions represented the Dutch shootings. Video editing was done by Tom at Skyless.

What an adventure it was. After changing the song and adding new sections for violin, guitar and vocals, we recorded the track in 3 days, with Jonathan coming over to Amsterdam. With the help of Dennis Mulder at Studio D in Amsterdam. Ro Halfhide showed up as a piece of Trieu etc heritage and brought brilliant insights. It was 3 days of studio, ham-kaas croissants, sleep and studio. Very hard work for Jonathan, bringing exceptional audio knowledge and skills.

The video part in The Netherlands was shot in 1 day. We picked one of the coldest days of the year. It was minus 10 C.. Phone batteries, drone batteries, band members.. They only lasted for a few minutes. Susana (violin), couldn't feel her fingers anymore after 10 minutes in the cold without gloves. Pure suffering.

A few days later, in 30 C Bali, we shot at our favourite beach Balangan, in 2 days, since the first day was too cloudy. I did the underwater stunts myself.. ;-) After that, everything was sent to Tom for video edits, while Jonathan and myself worked on finalising the audio in the meantime. I was in Taipei by that time and did a premaster session in a local studio. In the end, Jonathan finalised the master with great care and fantastic results.

We pulled it off! With perseverance and with the intention to create something at our best abilities. For you. Hope you enjoy the video and the music. For the record: everybody involved, many many thanks!! Love!! Terimakasih!! Xiexie!! Thank you!! Dankjewel!!

Trieu etc is:

Tristan Heliczer on drums

Daan Koelemeijer on bass

Susana Maria Gruson on violin

Eline van Beek on backing vocals

Fanny Eigenhuis on backing vocals

Trieu Huynh on lead vocals and guitar

The Netherlands video crew and editing:

Tom Pfeifle & Dylan, Skyless productions

Bali video crew:

Edy Ardana

Sabu Kadiana

Kent Juliawan

Wayan Yudik

Audio production:

Jonathan Allan

Studio D:

Dennis Mulder


Ro Halfhide


NDSM Amsterdam, Callantsoog NL, Balangan beach Bali

Single cover photography:

Tim Hillege

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Jack Dumfries
Jack Dumfries
Jul 23, 2023

Great musical performance. But the sound could be better. I use this program for sound recording and I am completely satisfied with it. You can familiarize yourself with it by clicking here.

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