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Trusting the universe

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

Sounds a bit tacky, or meditative, but it is something I really do: trusting the universe. To me, it means I sometimes don't force decisions but just roll the dice and see what comes out. I truly admire the universe, the whole universe, not just the stars and the constellations and the black holes or whatever that is out there. It is also the soil, the air, this planet, your friends, my friends, you, me and our thoughts. All of it, are part of the universe. I read in an article that it is crucial if you consider the universe as being hostile or being friendly. I consider it to be both, but in my direct environment, I consider it is very friendly.

Why do I trust the universe, while there is injustice and suffering and deaths. I don't know how to look at injustice, really don't. But what I do know is that all of this universe created itself. It created the whole world including you and me, with all our flaws and all our talents. So, with this ability and with these achievements, who am I to not trust the universe. I am grateful for my existence and for all other things around me. So, trusting the universe is that I sometimes really don't force decisions, but see what comes out naturally. I will accept that decision and see it as the most efficient solution. Trusting that it is the right thing to do now and that it is effective too. And of course, when I recognise the opportunity, I go for it.

I do it when I meet people, I do it when I don't see people for a while, I do it when I need to choose a vendor for developing an app, to see friends, to buy or rent a house, to decide the date of my flight ticket. People and things will come on your path, if it works out naturally, easily, to me, it is a lovely sign. It feels like being water. Water always chooses the path of the least resistance to go downstream. I used to fight and resist with all the force I had. Going upstream in a direction, not naturally selected. Doable, but not effective and very inefficient. Especially, this is wearing out your talents and your energy. It is a lot easier to go with the flow and to be patient. Sometimes, I do it whenever the answer is not crystal clear. And even if it turns out "wrong", something is learnt for the next decision to be made.

Don’t be greedy or impatient when trusting the universe. Consider it to be a fair deal for everybody. Things will come naturally.

The feeling to be able to trust the universe is filled with calmness and happiness. There is less stress, when you know it is going to be ok, either way. Really, any outcome is ok. I once told a dear friend while enjoying a burger in London. What is the worst thing that can happen when trusting the universe? I die? Is that it? Well, the universe created life, so it also invented death. So even when you die, you are still part of the universe. I must admit, I had 2 beers when saying that.


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