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Squid, prawns and sex

Squid and prawns. My daily routine at the Gili night market is good, so why change it. The seafood is super fresh and simply grilled on open fire. The magical scents of fire on fish fills the air. There are no seats anymore, I had to wait. After a few minutes, table 2 has a few spots, but I am sharing with a blonde. I suspect she is Dutch, I don’t know why. Maybe the air of rigidity that appears in her expressions. I sit down next to her, while noticing that she is trying to ignore me. She seems alone and starts to attack her bami goreng.

“How is your food?”

-“ It’s good..” while she orders a Bintang.

“ Where are you from?”

- “From The Netherlands..”

“ O, dan kunnen we ook gewoon Nederlands praten.”

As always, first shock and then a tiny bit of relaxation. Sasha’s friend Stephan found his food too and joins us. Sasha is mainly on Gili to get her rescue diver diploma. She passionately tells about the systematic approach to select rescue methods when dealing with a case. Stephan and I listen.

“ You have to sextematic.. systematically select how you deal with a person in panic..”

I try to suppress a big laugh, while she continues to talk, pretending like nothing happened. Ignoring that slip of the tongue a few seconds ago. I look downward and bite my lip. She stops.


-“You said sex.”

We tumble into a rolling laughter session and Sasha drops her armour and makes way for amour, rewarding our short meeting with an intense hug when we say goodbye.


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